DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)

Moog have delivered to the market place the DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother), the coveted percussion synthesizer module previously only available to those who purchased the 2017 Engineer level MoogFest pass, which included the synth builder workshop. 

The  DFAM is an 8 step percussion synthesizer with 24 3.5mm patch points. Like the Mother 32, it is eurorack compatible, and has a 24dB low pass Moog filter. With 2 analog oscillators (triangle and square waveforms),  a white noise generator, and an external input, DFAM has endless percussive sound generating possibilities. All for $599 American. To hear the DFMA in action, check out the soundcloud demos below.

To learn all about DFMA straight from Moog, click this link: MOOG DFMA.