Waldorf announce STVC String synthesizer with a vocoder.

Waldorf have introduced the STVC, a string synthesizer with a vocoder. It has 49 velocity sensitive keyboard with after touch.

The sound engine:

  • Fully polyphonic String section
  • Continuous morphing of String Registration
  • 16 Voice polyphonic Solo section
  • Continuous morphing of Solo sounds
  • Tremolo for Solo
  • 126 programmable patches in three banks
  • Tweak for modulation and specific adjustments


  • 250 Filter bands
  • Excellent intelligibility
  • Formant modification
  • Freeze mode
  • Fully polyphonic carrier
  • Optional jitter for string carrier
  • Continuous morphing of Registration


  • Animate Effect for modulation of Registration
  • Ensemble/Chorus Effect for Strings and Vocoder
  • Phaser Effect for Strings and Vocoder
  • Reverb Effect
  • All Effects available simultaneously

Go to Waldorf's STVC page for further details and demos.

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